Things I use and love

Monthly nappy deliveries

With Amazon Subscribe & Save you order nappies, have them delivered monthly and save 10%. This is what I currently do although I forgot to change the newborn size 1 pampers and gave away 100 nappies as M had outgrown them. There is a reminder email a few days before the next delivery takes place.

Digital video monitor

This is the best and most useful purchase (thank you, mum!) which means I can leave the baby sleeping in the room without having to rush back in every few minutes. I don’t have to wait until she starts crying as I can see when she wakes up – this is becoming more useful as she has started to move around and is almost crawling.

Sophie, the teething giraffe

Mersi grew, sprouted, entered into the world of toothiness with, her first tooth just two days before her fifth month birthday. Luckily she received Sophie, the teething toy unchanged in 50 years, on her fourth month birthday, from her daddy. She has come in very handy and the one time we went out without her, we regretted it.

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