Mersina’s first shoes

Today we went to Clarks and had Mersina measured for her first shoes. We also bought them.

Size 4 1/2 F

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Handy Manny, our new hero

Handy Manny is a cartoon on the Disney Junior channel. With his soft Latino accent, his occasional use of Spanish and his handy tools, he is an inspiring and lovely hero for little children. I think I like him more than Mersina does.

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10 months old today

We are only two months away from Mersina’s first birthday and I’ve started to dip into memories of when she was born and of when I was pregnant. I’m going back to work soon so our little lifestyle will change a great deal and this hasn’t helped.

10 months old and little M is so much fun. I think that our morning photos just show how much fun she is to be around.

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Not eating the popcorn


Mersina just discovered my box of Lush bath fizzies and set about taking out each piece of popcorn one by one. Not eating any, though!

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Daddy’s birthday

Mersina’s dad had his birthday a little over a week ago and she helped him celebrate with lunch on the Glassboat. His parenting is a little more liberal than mine and he was happy to chase around as she managed to crawl around most of the floor of the floating restaurant.

The main reason for this post is so that I can post these pictures which I love. Just two but very sweet. Happy birthday, Martin and a very happy personal new year.

With lots and lots of love from us.

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Ticking clapping off the list

Mersina has her 8-12 developmental check-up next week and there is a check list of appropriate age related things she is able or likes to do:

  • Likes to watch what is going on around them
  • Sits without support
  • Weight bears on feet and maybe pulls to standing
  • Roll over
  • Reach for objects, toys, food etc
  • Puts objects to their mouth
  • Started to use a pincer group
  • Bangs two objects together or claps hands
  • Babbles or vocalises
  • Turns head when hearing a familiar voice
  • Laughs and chuckles during play

She did all but one of these things and indeed she stood on her own for over 10 seconds yesterday while distracted by the television. However clapping is something we hadn’t tried and she hadn’t managed when I read the list a few days ago.

We couldn’t have this. Not that we’re competitive but who doesn’t like a challenge.

So here is the result of our efforts:

Oh and here is the proof of the laughing and chuckling during play:

And a high-five and sitting.

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The phrase ‘good girl’

‘Good girl’ is not a phrase of which I’m particularly fond.

Good girl … you haven’t required my attention, you haven’t expressed any need so I haven’t had to attend to you

You have kept quiet

You have kept still so I could focus on something else

Your behavior has not encroached on my time

You have not reached out for anything

You have been content with doing nothing

You haven’t cried

You haven’t needed your nappy changed

It’s not always a selfish thought. Sometimes it’s about being grateful that she stays happy, content, unperturbed and generally safe and healthy. Despite that, I’m doing my best to avoid using it but sometimes it comes up unbidden.

Update: I would like to point out that I prefer to praise her for specific things such as ‘well done for such and such’ or ‘good girl for doing something or other’. When I spell out why I am praising her I usually understand whether it’s her behaviour or my relief that is receiving the plaudits.

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Happy things

Fritha, over at Tigerlilly Quinn, posted a lovely happy list which made me happy too so I thought to myself that I would think up lots of happy things and post about them. The baby had just fallen asleep and I had 40 minutes before bedtime.

I went over to the laptop but before I had a chance to sit down I noticed all the pieces of rice cake underneath the chair and I smiled. I had been giving Mersina some of my rice cake and she would hold it and then drop it. I then gave her more and she held that and dropped that as well.

Then there were her toys right by another chair and I had to take a picture. I took the memory card out of the camera and copied over the photo so I could post it and I ended up scrolling through hundreds of photos. They all made me happy so I thought I would post a few.

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Charting our musical progress

For a couple of months, no matter what I sang to Mersina, would turn into the Yabba Dabba-tastic, theme tune of the Flintstones. I’m not sure why and it has faded a bit but I still have certain phrases which leave me singing various ditties.

Where are you going? turns into Dave Matthews similar named tune (YouTube link).

‘Let’s go outside’ transforms into George Michael’s Outside (YouTube link)

And recently whenever I say daddy, I get the chorus of Nelly, Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp (just the chorus).

Smile For Me

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First type of walking?

Mersina has started to pull herself up on everything she can find. She has also been falling, a lot, so instead of being excited I’ve been worried. Today I finally got excited enough to film her walking along the couch trying to get to the end table.

She kept walking around but I wanted to be a little closer in case she fell so I stopped filming.

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