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Such a cute ladybug

Mersina was so cute today. She would bring me her little ladybug backpack with the harness; indicate she wanted the straps placed over her shoulders and the buckle at the front clipped into place. Once that was secured she would … Continue reading

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Sssss stands for so proud

I heard a sssss noise, looked up and M was reading Dear Zoo and was lifting the flap which reveals the snake. Oh so very proud.

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Trying bilingual

I would occasionally speak to Mersina in Greek but hadn’t fully made the transition until her first birthday. We were at a pub off Gloucester Road for Mersina’s birthday – just having a coffee – and we were sitting near … Continue reading

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Growing up

Mersina is no longer a big baby but a little person. Such a tiny little person. We were at the library on the weekend and there was another little girl there with her dad. The other girl was perhaps three … Continue reading

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The first drawing

I found Mersina this morning in her godfather’s room attacking his notepad with a pen – on purpose. Up until today, I don’t think she knew that you could do something else with a pen apart from eat it so … Continue reading

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Mother’s day

This past Sunday, Mersina and I spent Mothers Day with her grandparents at their house. She woke at 0630 and about an hour later we ventured downstairs so she could roam in the living room. Her granddad made me a … Continue reading

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Thank you, cousin Harriet

Thank you, cousin Harriet, for the fabulous Hungry Caterpillar book. It is one of Mersina’s favourites.

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We have some mint growing in a flowerbox on the window sill. When Mersina was a tiny, I would distract her from any falls and scrapes by taking her to the mint and letting her play. She didn’t show any … Continue reading

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Thinking and learning

From Child of our Time Your child is learning about numbers all on her own. You can find out how much progress she is making and even help her along. Take three objects Count them into a box while your … Continue reading

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A little insight

I was tagged by Fritha and I did not realise how tough this would be but here goes. THE RULES 1. Post these rules 2. Post 11 random things about yourself 3. Answer the questions provided by the one who … Continue reading

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