Ticking clapping off the list

Mersina has her 8-12 developmental check-up next week and there is a check list of appropriate age related things she is able or likes to do:

  • Likes to watch what is going on around them
  • Sits without support
  • Weight bears on feet and maybe pulls to standing
  • Roll over
  • Reach for objects, toys, food etc
  • Puts objects to their mouth
  • Started to use a pincer group
  • Bangs two objects together or claps hands
  • Babbles or vocalises
  • Turns head when hearing a familiar voice
  • Laughs and chuckles during play

She did all but one of these things and indeed she stood on her own for over 10 seconds yesterday while distracted by the television. However clapping is something we hadn’t tried and she hadn’t managed when I read the list a few days ago.

We couldn’t have this. Not that we’re competitive but who doesn’t like a challenge.

So here is the result of our efforts:

Oh and here is the proof of the laughing and chuckling during play:

And a high-five and sitting.

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