The phrase ‘good girl’

‘Good girl’ is not a phrase of which I’m particularly fond.

Good girl … you haven’t required my attention, you haven’t expressed any need so I haven’t had to attend to you

You have kept quiet

You have kept still so I could focus on something else

Your behavior has not encroached on my time

You have not reached out for anything

You have been content with doing nothing

You haven’t cried

You haven’t needed your nappy changed

It’s not always a selfish thought. Sometimes it’s about being grateful that she stays happy, content, unperturbed and generally safe and healthy. Despite that, I’m doing my best to avoid using it but sometimes it comes up unbidden.

Update: I would like to point out that I prefer to praise her for specific things such as ‘well done for such and such’ or ‘good girl for doing something or other’. When I spell out why I am praising her I usually understand whether it’s her behaviour or my relief that is receiving the plaudits.

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