Happy things

Fritha, over at Tigerlilly Quinn, posted a lovely happy list which made me happy too so I thought to myself that I would think up lots of happy things and post about them. The baby had just fallen asleep and I had 40 minutes before bedtime.

I went over to the laptop but before I had a chance to sit down I noticed all the pieces of rice cake underneath the chair and I smiled. I had been giving Mersina some of my rice cake and she would hold it and then drop it. I then gave her more and she held that and dropped that as well.

Then there were her toys right by another chair and I had to take a picture. I took the memory card out of the camera and copied over the photo so I could post it and I ended up scrolling through hundreds of photos. They all made me happy so I thought I would post a few.

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One Response to Happy things

  1. Fritha says:

    such lovely pictures!! yay for happiness :) xx

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