Whinge, a word I loathe nearly as much as whine

Mersina and I visited Clifton this morning, first for a coffee at 194f with other mothers and babies – and helpful, lovely staff – then on to JoJoMamanBebe and then to Victoria Square for a quick lunch with her dad.

While shopping at the JoJo for some clothes for the baby we found ourselves standing next to two women with tiny babies in their prams. One baby, maybe a month old was very unhappy. He struggled and battled to get out and expressed his displeasure vocally.

His mum ignored him and walked over to some clothes while saying ‘are you whingeing, again’? Her friend’s baby also started to complain and she added on, ‘I love it when they whinge together’ in a dry but casually dismissive tone.

To whinge: complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way

Peevish. A one month old is peevish?

I have had people say to Mersina when she’s been complaining, oh that’s not a real cry, you’re just whining.

Whine: to complain in a feeble or petulant way.

She does not whine and she does not whinge and she is definitely not petulant (nor does she do anything in a feeble way).

At five and a half months old, she may not like a lot of things and that’s fine. She can express her displeasure as much as she likes but don’t dismiss it because it makes you uncomfortable or you don’t want to do anything about it.

Her complaints are legitimate and thank goodness not everything is a real excruciating and devastating cry because we both end up in tears after those.

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