Together we stand

After some clambering and fun with Mersina in the living room, daddy said goodbye and I took her into the bedroom to change her nappy. I can usually leave her in her cot for a few minutes with the thought that she can’t get into too much trouble so I turned to put some clothes away.

The next moment I turn back and she is standing up with hands placed against the side for balance. I was shocked. I looked around for a camera, and out of the four in the house, including the one on my phone, there were none about. No cameras on such a momentous occasion. Disaster.

I kept repeating ‘wow’ and watching her in case she fell for a few seconds and then my heart could take no more so I picked her up and we rushed to the kitchen to find my phone.

Back into the cot she went where she promptly stood up again and this time I had my phone ready for a photo. I managed to take two photos and sent one to her daddy who had just left.

The SD card was too full for a video so I picked her up once again and searched one-handed through my bag to find the video camera and then went back to the bedroom and she was back in the cot. Phew.








We could now rest easy because I was certain to have her first few moments on tape. Ah the thrill of documenting such a life changing experience (and I’m only half joking while envisaging myself as a photojournalist in some desert state).






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