Beautiful things we did and saw last week

Tree of Life

At Cinebabies, on Monday, we saw lots of newborn babies and some little ones at the front of the cinema sitting up on a blanket on the floor. Next time we will sit at the front as well.

Bath Time

We bought new toys for the bath.

In the Bath – Lemon Jelly

Lots of rooibos earl grey

My labour started on Friday February 11 and I gave birthday to Mersina three days later on Valentine’s day. Up until Sunday, I seemed to be living off very sweet Earl Grey tea (caffeinated). When I say sweet, I mean really sweet, I poured the sugar in straight from the packet, no need for spoons.

I had been drinking rooibos earl grey last week but it’s just not the same. Maybe it’s an old pack and not quite zingy enough as the fresh ones. I’ve had some rooibos earl grey a while ago that tasted quite peppery.

Daddy and some wonderful trees at Castle Park

We had a lovely picnic in Castle Park and enjoyed sandwiches from Arch House Deli in Clifton.

St Stephen’s Cafe

Folk music at St Stephen’s church; Halloumi wrap and chocolate brownie at the cafe.

Adventures with Food

Getting to grips with the ‘idea’ of baby led weaning

Did I mention that daddy’s back from Spain, to Mersina’s great joy, even if he hadn’t shaved in a week and a half.

On our way to Mark’s Bread we passed a gorilla and we stopped to say hi.

It was such a busy week

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