Five months old and nearly double!

Little M’s dad likes to joke about what a big baby she is but it’s just not true. She just happens to be bigger than around 96% of other babies at her age which means that, proportionally, she has lost weight as she was bigger than 99.4% of all babies at birth (on average, of course).

At 10lbs 2 1/2ozs she was a good size to begin with and she’s now nearly double that at 18.5lbs. Why am I boring you with all the weight talk and the numbers? Because my back hurts. Yes, she’s fabulous and I’m enjoying getting stronger day by day but she’s a heavy little creature to carry.

She hates her pram so she is mostly sitting in it these days or being carried by me while I push her little carrier with one hand. I’m on the hunt for a new one as we speak, something spiffy with three wheels that would also be good to use for running (me, not her). She shuffled backwards about half the length of the room a couple of weeks ago – same day as her first tooth came out.

She now has teeth! Yes, plural. Her two bottom teeth are out and they seem to hurt. She has been having some Calprofen. She has been scrunching her face up at the taste of Calprofen. She doesn’t seem to react to any other flavours or smells yet though.

Baby led weaning is our next exciting adventure. So far she has remained indifferent to blackberries, mash and grape (a tiny squished bit of each). She has also shown no sign of awareness, at all, of some basil leaves she munched on without consuming, and to the smell of a tomato plant.

I’m taking it as a positive sign. At least she turns her nose up at the drugs.

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  1. Mike says:

    I’ve seen someone doing the Parkrun 5k in Ashton Court with a pushchair!

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