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Watch “The Flintstones-Bachelor Daze part 1″ on YouTube

This is the first Flintstones episode that Mersi watched. She was wide eyed and open mouthed when not rocking with excitement.

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Five months old and nearly double!

Little M’s dad likes to joke about what a big baby she is but it’s just not true. She just happens to be bigger than around 96% of other babies at her age which means that, proportionally, she has lost … Continue reading

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The Attached Family » Peaceful Parenting Tips for the Growing Child

I like the sound of these tips. I have tried to have family meetings and even though Mersi is a little young to talk back or participate they were very useful to help me focus on long term goals. I … Continue reading

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Helping Children Become More Mindful | Tufts Now

This is a fascinating article on helping children become more mindful. There are details of the benefit of being mindful and some simple exercises for children such as listening for a minute and listing five sounds you heard..

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Little M watching the Apprentice

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Our first triathlon, Bristol

Mersi’s dad took part in the Bristol Triathlon on Sunday, 3 July and we were out there supporting him through the 1.5km swim, 40km cycle ride and the 10km run. By the time we caught up with him, for the … Continue reading

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Mersi’s new sitting up toy

And as a big bonus. The orange thing around the head is super exciting as it crinkles.

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