Mersi’s first Father’s Day

I am often amazed that I have a child, such a perfect child, and wonder at the fact that she is four months old now and has just helped her dad celebrate his first Father’s Day.

So how did we get to here, Mersi?



I first spotted your dad when he was briefly working at McDonalds










I then met him at a dinner party when he was looking a little more apricot and less bearded but fell in love when he was a dash more debonair.








Our little story had a different purpose though so we weaved our way via red wine at the Highbury Vaults, coffee at the Clifton Lido, tapas at the Olive Shed, green tea at the Guild Cafe, exotic wine at Flinty Red, exhuberant dancing at Alphabeat and various cheeses, wine, cider and beer around Bristol until we arrived at Valentine’s Day 2011.

I say we, I mean ‘you’ arrived.










Then four months later we celebrated your dad’s first Father’s Day at Moreish on Chandos Rd


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