Rockabye baby until we get a routine


By nine pm I feel like the day is never going to end. Little M has managed a few naps at about half an hour each. Some of those were over lunch at a neighbours’ place.

She was amazingly content and not too grizzly considering we were there for four hours and we fed only once (in the bedroom for a quicker and easier feed).

We usually wake up between 7.30 and 8.30 in the morning. Sometimes we sleep again. She’s a morning baby and wakes up with plenty of smiles. As long as we’re eating and sleeping she is quite content and barely ever cries before the afternoon.

On our good days we can grab another nap between two and five. The rest of the time until evening is full of little naps and lots of feeding and by 11 she’s usually done for the day.

The new thing which isn’t so fun, for any of us, is that she gets so tired and hungry that she can’t eat and can’t sleep so we walk her around until she either calms down enough to eat and / or falls asleep.

She’s 11 weeks old tomorrow. I have spent half that time worrying that I needed to set up a routine for her daytime. Her nights have been consistent almost from day one. We’re up maybe two or three times maximum. A few times, she has only woken up once, around five or six.

Her days, however, have been a bit more adventurous, so I worried that she was getting over tired. I now realise that we’ve pretty much got a routine. I also don’t think I can do anything differently, I’m certainly not going to leave her crying.

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  2. Ah how I remember these days. They were only a few months ago, but it feels like an age away. One day, Frog just decided she’d have 3 naps a day, at the same time, without any rocking. Amazing. Then it was 2. And now it appears to be nearing one. Some days we’re back to the pushchair rocking (she’s too big to swaddle now!) but most of the time she just goes into her cot and goes to sleep. Just like that. Actually, I rather miss the cuddles. x

  3. Nel says:

    oh my goodness, what a cutie pie!

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