M’s first Eurovision and her three month birthday

Our night is ending with Eurovision and little M gets to support two countries, the UK and Greece. She’s choosing to stomp her little feet, wail and demand to be fed instead.

My mum and sister visited last week and M was so excited to get all the cuddles. She’s a very social baby and broke into smiles as soon as she met her grandma who has the same name as her. My mum’s grandma was called Mersina as well. All of a sudden family and tradition feel quite important. I forget how lovely and loving it is to be surrounded by family. They cleaned constantly for the four days they were here and cooked me breakfast everyday. I was incredibly spoilt for four days.

Our loneliness found a bit of a reprieve with the visit of my housemates family and we had another day of cuddles and family. We’ve had the most wonderful day which seems appropriate for our three month threshold which is a big thing for a baby. She has now passed the threshold of all the medicines and baby lotions and potions – there’s not much you can give to a young baby. I think she is now no longer a newborn.

Along with her new stage in life comes the great wriggliness, the strength, curiousity, full body motion towards things of interest and getting almost to the stage of being able to reach out to grab things. She can’t control her hands or arms yet but I can see her straining and stressing as her eyebrows furrow and she flails.

Grabbing things feels like the next big thing we’re waiting for and in the meantime my hair seems to be falling out a lot. I have a lot of hair, as does M, so I’m not particularly worried but still. Let’s see how that goes too.

For now, it’s Eurovision, her musical mobile occasionally and cuddles as the evening looks set to be ending. Happy – three month – birthday beautiful girl.

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2 Responses to M’s first Eurovision and her three month birthday

  1. Ann Patey says:

    Bet your Mum was in Seventh Heaven! Love following your news and Ms progress :-)

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