MeMe Chocolat, Clifton

Little M and I have been to MeMe Chocolat with her dad twice now although the first time was when I was nine months pregnant. Dad refused to order my soy, decaf, white chocolate mocha both times because he thinks it’s too fussy and complicated. The order was not a problem for the cafe though and they made it beautifully. Soy can be a bit of a pain to heat up so I was impressed. Swinky’s on Park St did not do so well.

The first time I visited with him he left early and while I was pretty big and walking wasn’t fun, I managed to leave on my own to get to the bus stop.
This time he had to leave early again but I couldn’t stick around because of the steps and the pram.

Accessibility is an issue unfortunately. There are two steps up to the cafe and the first one is a doozy. I wouldn’t have managed to get in, or leave, with the pram on my own.  Once inside we sat at the front and there was enough space for the pram because the table next to us was empty.

The chocolate drinks are made with real chocolate, no powders or anything artificial. The prices aren’t cheap with a regular size priced at £2.90 and options for a smaller and larger size too but the food is of very good quality.

There is a range of food, cakes, hot beverages and cold drinks including wine. See link for a voucher for two glasses of wine when two people dining spend £15 or more on food.

It’s a bit of a difficult visit without some help to get in but it’s definitely a treat.

MeMe Chocolat, 19 The Mall, Clifton Village. 0117 974 7000.



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