Hot Drinks Harm, new NHS campaign

Little M and I are, by now, seasoned bus travellers and have quickly crossed entire hills in less time than it took to get to the bus stop. I haven’t explored too many other means of public transportation but so far so good with the bus. On our way to Greens’ Dining Room the other week we were in the company of a few mums with prams and strollers as there was a fun park up at the Downs.

A woman towards the front was chatting to a woman at the back of the bus (as you do) and after discovering that the one at the back was having a second child with the man who was not her boyfriend (she said with a shrug) the first woman mentioned her son’s burn. On his face, the two year old had a plastic adhesive that was clear with some perforations and shaped like the mask worn by the Phantom of the Opera. It didn’t look pleasant.

The little boy had poured a cup of tea over himself and while it looked bad, there would be no scar. The little boy must have certainly suffered though and that’s part of what the NHS are talking about in their new campaign of awareness of hot drinks.

I am home alone most of the day and I get on with cooking and cleaning while holding her. I don’t take her near the kitchen when I’m boiling water or have the kettle on. Thousands of children with burns from hot drinks are treated by the South West UK Children’s Burn Centre at Frenchay Hospital, in Bristol, every year.

A little person can be scalded in a number of ways, pulling a cup of tea onto themselves, pulling a tablecloth or something that makes a drink fall, bumping into someone or coming into contact with hot vapour, steam and a hot tap as well.

With little ones, hot water can cause a scald for up to 30 minutes after it is boiled so there’s a lot to keep in mind.

While I don’t need more things to worry about, I am still grateful for useful information about things to avoid.

Read more about the statistics of burns and how hot drinks can harm at the NHS website.



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