Guilt and nipples for bottles

I didn’t know! I had no idea that there were different nipple sizes and various flow rates that would make it easier for babies. Little M wouldn’t drink from her bottle yesterday and my sister mentioned that it may be the nipple size. has an article about it and plenty others do as well but I hadn’t even thought to look for something similar because I breastfeed and only express milk infrequently.

There are different sizes apparently: 0 months – slow flow, 3 months – medium flow, 6 months – fast flow and 0 months vari flow. There are various materials such as latex, silicone, or rubber nipples and shapes such as traditional, orthodontic, or flat-topped.

My sister went out and bought the 0+, silicone teat, easi-vent Tommy Tippee ‘Closer to Nature’ botles for me and I have dutifully added one more thing on my ‘to feel guilty about’ list.

Did everyone know this apart from me?

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