First touch for this South West baby


For the first time, Mersi reached out and touched my face. A gentle touch. Probably more curious about the reaching than the face. She has been working at the whole touching thing for a while and it’s amazing.

My favourite part is when she bashes at the toys on her mobile because she’s not quite dexterous enough to use her fingers or hands.

It’s interesting that she favours her right arm when reaching out but her left leg when impatient or excited. She’s a regular little thumper when standing and stomps away like a regular Wurzel. She is a South West baby, after all.

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  1. Trish says:

    I was referred to your website by Judith (leeswammes). Your daughter is just gorgeous! My four week old has a head of hair and seeing that yours does too gives me hope that it won’t all fall out like everyone warns. ;)

    Must be so fun to watch her develop!

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