Congratulations to daddy!

Today we had a very busy day.

We were up at one am, two am, between three and four am, five am, up properly for the day at seven am and only took five minute naps during the day and only two of those.

Mummy was exhausted. Mersi was very excited about everything. She discovered the pattern on the duvet cover, again. She fearlessly attacked her lion toy on her bouncer’s mobile. She managed to chew on two of her blankets and in between all that, mum managed to write some thank you cards. A great achievement.

I would have thought that she would be sleepy by lunch time so I could have a shower but no. She wasn’t sleepy throughout the afternoon either so when her dad arrived after his 12 Angry Men-type of deliberations, I passed her over and finally got some time to clean up.

Once we were all settled, Mersi had reason for more enthusiasm as she  got to read daddy’s byline in the Guardian. The previous mention was in an unsuitable article for little people (it was about a murder) so we don’t talk about it.

Tummy time followed, then  lots of feeding and attempted naps and finally sleep came at nine, just in time for the Apprentice.





Not sure what’s going on these days but our nights of up to five hours sleep are long gone. Anyway, today we were understandably excited and are even willing to put an exclamation mark in our post title. That’s pretty excited all right.



So a big congratulations and a dedicated funny that I read recently.

(From OH in the newsroom)

Managing editor is about to copy edit a story by an overly enthusiastic reporter.

Managing editor: “Let me guess, it was full of exclamation points and smiley faces.”

College living editor: “Actually, I literally deleted about 50 exclamation points.”


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