A night out, what was I thinking?


Little M’s dad had a spare ticket for the musical Jekyll and Hyde, because he’s useful like that, and was going to take my sister with him. After saying she would go, sister discovered that she had work to do and so I ended up going instead.

This would be the second night out away from the baby and I figured there was no one I would trust more than my mum and sister to take care of her. They both live overseas so there weren’t going to be many chances in the future so I thought I would risk it.

I had expressed some milk and there was a carton of ready made formula for emergencies. I had just fed M before I left and I was 10 minutes away from home by foot. I had nothing with me apart from keys and phone because I planned to dash back as soon as possible. I figured it was a safe bet.

Being away from her was such a strange feeling. I elt lighter and more jittery. I kept thinking of her little tiny hands and how she might be hungry and not be able to go to sleep. I kept my phone on my lap on silent. For the first half and hour it was fine.

At the intermission, after a very long, first half of the production my sister texted to say that I should come home because she wasn’t eating from her bottle. She gets utterly hysterical when she can’t eat so I panicked and rushed out. I ran nearly all the way home. It would have been all the way but my shoes were casual flat silly shoes which weren’t made for running. I made it back in seven minutes and I found her sleeping in her pram.

She hiccuped and sighed now and then but she was fine. The adrenaline rush however was one of the best drugs ever right after I realised she was ok. I could have been up all night. She slept for about an hour. We fed for about an hour after that and then she was snoozing again.

No real moral to this story but I did discover that the pram is more useful than I may have suspected at the beginning. I also found out that nipples for baby bottles come in different sizes. I can’t believe I didn’t know this. My sister is out buying some for me today. Poor little M was trying to feed but just couldn’t.

My mum lulled her to sleep by pushing her in the pram for about 10 minutes. I did the same thing today around lunch time and she managed a nap. No idea why I hadn’t tried it before, I guess I liked the idea of holding her until she fell asleep.



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  1. Ah, the first night out. Good for you for going (and don’t feel guilty about the teat thing, I was clueless too). I spent 15 minutes in the pub before my mum called to say “come home”. I didn’t try it again for 4 months. Mainly because my inconvenient baby point blank refused a bottle. Ever. It does get easier though. And your mum sounds ace. x

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