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MeMe Chocolat, Clifton

Little M and I have been to MeMe Chocolat with her dad twice now although the first time was when I was nine months pregnant. Dad refused to order my soy, decaf, white chocolate mocha both times because he thinks … Continue reading

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Hot Drinks Harm, new NHS campaign

Little M and I are, by now, seasoned bus travellers and have quickly crossed entire hills in less time than it took to get to the bus stop. I haven’t explored too many other means of public transportation but so … Continue reading

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First touch for this South West baby

For the first time, Mersi reached out and touched my face. A gentle touch. Probably more curious about the reaching than the face. She has been working at the whole touching thing for a while and it’s amazing. My favourite … Continue reading

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Congratulations to daddy!

Today we had a very busy day. We were up at one am, two am, between three and four am, five am, up properly for the day at seven am and only took five minute naps during the day and … Continue reading

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Our big moment – bunny, baby and dad

Three months and one day This picture may not seem like much but it captures the moment little M first reached out to grasp her bunny (or anything!). [The moment did not take place a minute before this scene when … Continue reading

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M’s first Eurovision and her three month birthday

Our night is ending with Eurovision and little M gets to support two countries, the UK and Greece. She’s choosing to stomp her little feet, wail and demand to be fed instead. My mum and sister visited last week and … Continue reading

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What lesson? Perseverance and teaching the baby to read

We are up to page 15 of our Asterix en Hispania book and have been there for over a month. I was reminded when the library asked me to ‘renew, return or face a late charge’. What do about it? … Continue reading

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Guilt and nipples for bottles

I didn’t know! I had no idea that there were different nipple sizes and various flow rates that would make it easier for babies. Little M wouldn’t drink from her bottle yesterday and my sister mentioned that it may be … Continue reading

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A night out, what was I thinking?

  Little M’s dad had a spare ticket for the musical Jekyll and Hyde, because he’s useful like that, and was going to take my sister with him. After saying she would go, sister discovered that she had work to … Continue reading

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Up some of the night with Seinfeld?

I can’t really watch tv anymore, at least not with the same level of enjoyment, because I am always listening out for the baby and when she’s awake she will be crying at some point so I will miss out … Continue reading

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