Vaccinations and my baby


We had our first set of vaccinations on Friday. Two injections, one into each tiny little thigh.

I wondered for a second why they didn’t inject her little arms and then I saw the huge needles.

I held her tight as she was, with the first, stunned and then with the second was shrieking with pain. Her eyes went almost aquamarine in contrast to her red face and there were proper tears (from both of us). She’s only started crying real tears in the last three – four weeks and I hate seeing them.

Some specks of blood even came through on her white onesie.

She’s such a brave little soldier and luckily easily distracted so she stopped crying when she spotted a funny looking light. A little more walking around the room and she was back in her pram and ready to go home.

There are three more doses to go. On the plus side, we can now go swimming.

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2 Responses to Vaccinations and my baby

  1. It’s horrible isn’t it?! But reassuring that they won’t remember it. And by the time they’re outside they’re fine again. More than be said for us I expect…

    • stillawake says:

      Definitely. She’d forgotten five minutes later while I still well up at the thought. And there are more to come!

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