Review: the Botanist

The Botanist is a new restaurant that opened in April at the Clifton Triangle on Berkeley Square. As a promotion they were offering a free two course meal for either lunch or dinner for people who registered their interest on the site.

I added my details and was booked in for Tuesday April 5. Two weeks before the date someone called to confirm my time and date.

A week before the lunch I received an email with further details about the meal and I was initially very impressed with all the organisation:

“Menu Tastings will be a complimentary two course lunch from the new menu of starters and a main course, we will only ask you to pay for your drinks. If you decide to have three courses then we would kindly ask you to pay for dessert ( service/tips are given at your discretion)”

There were some further details in the email and then the following section:

Children- whilst we are very child friendly, just for the Menu Tastings we would kindly ask that your booking doesn’t include tiny babies who may need to be in carry cots or large prams on the restaurant floor or very young children who may get restless and want to run around- The idea of these 2 days is Menu Tastings for you and training for us!

So this would have been a review but I had to cancel because no prams were allowed. I was sorry about it but I understood that they were offering free meals and it was a one off so fair enough. However, when I called up they said there were no changing facilities either and this was meant to be a justification.

I have been to four restaurants so far with little M, including Jamie’s Italian, Brasserie Blanc, the Watershed and Greens’ Dining Room and none of them offered specific changing facilities. All four were exceptionally welcoming and reviews are set to follow. To use the lack of changing facilities as an excuse was definitely a poor choice from whoever was on the phone that day.

Result: Not child friendly 0/5

The Botanist,20a Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HP- 0117 927 7333

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  1. Lyndsey says:

    I was reading the other day that there is now an iPhone app which can tell you where the nearest clean/nice changing facilities are so you can avoid horrible toilet floors etc. Have you tried it at all?

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