Post natal exercise

Running among the umbrellas, Bristol Half

My little girl is nine weeks old today so I’m still not too fussed about losing weight as it hasn’t been that long since I gave birth. However, I barely have any clothes that fit and I have been reduced to wearing three things (four if you include my nightie) for the past few months.

I have finally started to feel a lot better after having the baby and I can walk for a fair distance without hurting. My lower back and pelvis are still not quite there but I’m doing a lot better. Three weeks ago, a two hour walk left me in agony and I could barely make it home. After that I took longer breaks between my outings and took it easy when I was out and about.

I feel that the time is right for some gentle exercise now as I’m getting more sleep and am able to walk for a lot longer and relatively pain free. I signed up for the Bristol 10k run a while ago. The race is on May 15 and I can’t quite imagine that I will be able to do it yet. I don’t mind if I’m standing on the sidelines when the time comes but I do think I can start with some gentle exercises that will help prepare my body for more vigorous exercise for the next race I intend to do in September.

I want to build up my core muscles and my back as a priority. I was just going to start with stomach crunches and some leg exercises that my physio had taught me last year but then I read this article by Core Strengths Studio. Stomach crunches are out and instead I am following some of the exercises mentioned in this following post (it’s the one to which the previous post links).

They seem very useful to me and I hope they help you as well (where appropriate, obviously). Let me know what you think and I’ll keep you updated on how I progress.

Thanks to Core Strength Studios and Anglia Fitness.

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