Our weekend adventures – shopping as a non-yummy mummy,

Over the weekend we found ourselves on lots of city adventures in a kind of Enid Blyton fashion but without the tree or the chair. I’ll start with the end of the Saturday adventure and I’ll pretend it wasn’t Sainsbury’s at the Clifton Down shopping centre to buy cotton wool and baby formula for emergencies.

The last part was a visit to the Better Food Company on Whiteladies Rd. It’s the kind of place where I wish I did all my shopping. More like a deli with its sections of meat, cheese, specialised little treats like packets of halva and fashionable, dinky bottles of lemonade.

They stock Bristol Beer factory beers although I’m not drinking and in the cheese display there was a section with chocolates. I bought 100g of the Montezuma ones – dark chocolate, chilli and lime. I also bought some cheese. The Stichilton was incredible while the vegetarian Bristolian one, the name of which I can’t remember, was rubbery and boring.

I wish I had enough money to buy all my food from places like this and Papadeli and Arch House Deli. Instead I am surrounded by Tescos and Sainsburys, three of the first and two of the latter within a few hundred metres of where I live. Their proximity is great for chocolate, snacks and nappy emergencies but not so good at creativity and supporting local businesses.

So far I may be failing on the whole yummy mummy, yoga, pampering, nanny lifestyle but I do have a voucher for a spa treatment, I did buy some lavender cordial for £3.50 recently and I just came back from shopping at Waitrose (great discounts).

Not too bad, I guess.

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