Not enough pain

This time last year I was seeing a physiotherapist on a regular basis for a knee injury. On the first visit he prescribed some exercises to strengthen my legs and I did them faithfully for two months every night. I may have missed one or two sessions but no more than that.

The second time I saw him, a week after the first visit, he asked me how they were working out. ‘They were harder at the start’, I said ‘but now they’re not so bad’.

He looked down for a moment and then suggested that I lean my head on my arm and lift and lower my leg more slowly. Sometimes the stomach muscles compensate and I needed to make sure I was getting the benefit in my legs. If I wasn’t hurting then I wasn’t doing it right.

This thought made me smile as I started exercising today. Nothing particularly strenuous but still tough after being out of action for so long.

I’ll keep you updated.

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