Mersi and the music

Seven weeks, four days

Thank goodness for Mersina’s musical mobile above her cot. These last few days have involved so much feeding and so little napping during the day that I’ve not found time for anything. I’ve had to be creative with my eating and have done so standing up and by just eating bread and cheese with an accompaniment of raw mange tout and sweet baby corn.

Last Saturday she started to take notice of her musical mobile that is positioned above her crib and her changing mat. She enjoys looking at it and gazes curiously and a little forlornly when it stops playing Brahm’s lullaby. Yesterday night she was addicted to it and I managed to clean bits of the bathroom and hang up some washing in between rushing in to turn on the music.

I think it gave me about 10 minutes of bonus time!

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3 Responses to Mersi and the music

  1. Nancy says:

    hey, is there some code we can get to watch the video? it says it’s private. if so, e-mail me as i’d love to see it :)

  2. Nancy says:

    oops, forgot to subscribe to comments so only just seen you replied. she’s sweet. the 2nd video almost looks like she’s practising her dance routine :)

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