It’s the little things

10 weeks, one day

There are so many things I mean to write down so I don’t forget.

The night she half rolled over for the first time when she was feeding. Her whimper of anxiety in her sleep and then the suckling motion and then calm again. Little snorting sounds. Pounding her left leg first and me thinking she might be left handed.

When she smiles she curls her arms up to her face and looks away as if hiding. Sometime’s she smiles at me when she’s feeding and forgets to eat.

Recently she has been getting very tired and she wants to eat to be comforted but is crying too much so I have to walk her around until she calms down enough to eat for a moment and then drift off. Sometimes she gets too upset to even lie down horizontally so I have to feed her with a bottle while walking around.

She likes looking at lightbulbs, not necessarily when they’re on. She hates her pram. She doesn’t like it when the weather is too windy. After seeing her dad she hates being put down and demands to be held for the rest of the evening, I assume she gets used to the cuddles.

She’s definitely a morning baby and smiles so much when we first wake up. She has been waking up only once or twice at night for the past few weeks and occasionally has slept for about five hours.

She has had a stuffy nose that’s been quite bad, just once so far, and we were up since four to make sure she was ok. I say we, I mean me, as she was probably sleeping even through all the snorting and snuffling.

A couple of nights were very restless with her flinging herself all around. One of the nights was when the Stokes Croft riot took place and I can’t guarantee that she wasn’t feeling the anarchist spirit.

She has the most bizarre flailing routine when she wakes up. Arms all over the place as she sorts herself out. She loves her Baby Bjorn and cries when I take her out of it.

She looks good in hot pink. Her nails never seem to stop growing.

She is madly in love with her musical mobile but if I leave her under it for too long she gets frustrated and starts getting angry and yells at it. Her legs kick, her arms pound away and she can’t focus on anything else. Her dad noticed that one of the mirrors hanging down, was still attached and he fixed it so it’s now even more of a super duper mobile.

She doesn’t get upset when I change her nappy in the middle of the night. Sometimes she looks sleepily up at her mobile as if to wonder if it’s going to play music but it’s too loud for that time. Occasionally she smiles at me even though I’ve just woken her.

She still has lots of hair and people keep commenting on it but it’s getting finer and more of her head is showing through. There are some golden strands on the right side. In the sun there are glints of auburn.

She smiles just looking at my housemate as he tickles her chin and makes it his mission to make her laugh.

When she’s sleepy, she likes having her forehead stroked and will drift off quite quickly. When she’s not sleepy this same thing gets her very annoyed so I have to be careful and pick the right time.

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  1. Funny!!! I read this post today by book blogger Trish and she also complains how she is worried about forgetting what her baby does. I left the link to your blogpost on her post. Her post is here:

    You should maybe keep an eye on each other’s blogs!

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