Greens’ Dining Room, Review

Last Friday, little M, her dad and I went to Greens’ Dining Room in Bristol.  ”The brothers that run Greens’ Dining Room on Zetland Road have put their restaurant up for sale after inheriting an aloe vera plantation in Tanzania” according to Bristol Culture, so we wanted to eat there before it was gone.

There are two big steps to get to the front door and they are spaced well enough apart for the pram to be easily manoeuvred.  We showed up just after 12.30 and the restaurant had quite a few empty tables. The room was small and the passage way was narrow with a a step leading up to the second level of the room which made the pram seem even bigger and bulkier than usual.

The hostess, Louise, however, was friendly and suggested that we could sit anywhere that was convenient for us. The table right next to the window was probably the most useful one and we moved it a bit so there was some space.

Mersi woke up as soon as we sat down so she shared the table with us for the rest of the meal. Half the time she spent sitting with dad and the other half with me. No one minded a little baby, indeed they were exceptionally friendly.

She became hungry and once I failed to feed her properly we rushed off to the toilets. We were gone for about 10 minutes and my plate had been taken away and replaced once I was ready.

The food was great and we both ordered the broccoli with aioli as a starter and the poached chicken with pearl barley for a main. Two courses for £10.

We had some bread before the food arrived and it came with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The vinegar was very good with sweet tones and no bitterness.

The seasonal broccoli  was even better than the one I had at the Runcible Spoon. The aioli was creamy, slightly infused with garlic and there was a mix of substantial parmesan slices.

The poached chicken was moist and served as a substantial portion. The barley was cooked in the chicken stock and mixed with small chopped vegetables and fresh tomatoes. All of it was well seasoned and with a surprising rich flavour.

The service and food were both excellent and the atmosphere was quiet and friendly with Jack Johnson singing in the background.

Go before it shuts down as it is one of the loveliest restaurants I have eaten at in Bristol so far.

Child Friendly 4.5/ 5
Food 4.5/ 5
Service 5/ 5
Atmosphere 4.5/5
Total 18.5/ 20, 25 Zetland Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 7AH. Tel: 01179 246437

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