Family planning post childbirth

Turns out that abstinence is not an option when discussing contraception after having a baby. I found this out at my six week post natal check up when asked about what I was planning to use. I explained that I was single and the GP checked the ‘condom’ option instead. She did search for a while so I guess it’s not something that is given as a usual answer.

Hours after I had given birth to Little M, a doctor appeared to explain what had taken place and how it would affect me. Forceps delivery, amount of blood lost, stitches, tears etc. He said something which to me sounded quite ominous. He said that when I had sex again it would not be the same. How scary. He didn’t explain why or how. I said ‘not to worry, I am never doing that again’ but still there were more doctors and nurses who persisted with the whole family planning thing.

There were three other occasions where contraception was mentioned and the one thing that surprised me was that breastfeeding, if done completely so no feed is missed or supplemented, can act effectively against getting pregnant. I thought it was a myth but apparently you may not get your period again until you stop as well.

This has been added on to my list of all the things I didn’t know about having a baby.

There’s more information at the Babyworld website.

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2 Responses to Family planning post childbirth

  1. Lydia says:

    I’m the product of a breastfeeding mother thinking she was ‘safe’. My Mum fell pregnant when my brother was 4 months old-eek! My periods didn’t return until 2 months after stopping breastfeeding. Guess you never can tell.

    • stillawake says:

      Are you and your brother very close then, Lydia? My sister and I have less than a year difference in age. I can’t even imagine getting pregnant straight away. I feel so bad for my poor body already! You’re right of course, you never can tell and everyone is different.

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