Baby: Some of the Things I've Loved

39 weeks, four days

On Friday, I looked out the window and for a moment wished that I could have been out in the sunny weather exploring and strolling around the streets of Bristol. Then I realised that it was a week day so I would have been at work and I was grateful for my maternity leave. I’ve had five weeks at home now and it’s felt like a great privilege.

I have loved having an amazing variety of teas ranging from three peppermint pukka teas, chamomile, ginger, rooibos, vanilla, raspberry and so many more. I like the lack of stimulants in my diet. I like having to take care of myself because I have to take care of the baby.

I love receiving the weekly newsletters about the baby so I can know how little people get created and grow. I like packing away little baby clothes and especially the tiny little newborn mittens.

I love thinking about being the best I can be so when the baby comes it can be welcomed to a genuine environment full of love and happiness. I love how my priorities have been to minimise anger and conflicts and to read pleasant things (not rom-coms or women’s magazines) that inspire me and give me some purpose.

I like my new excitement about creativity and colour and crafts and making things pretty.

I like the fact that I can buy cherries for myself without having to justify it at all. I like all the fruit in the house, the bananas, oranges, clementines, lemons, limes and kiwi fruit.

I like feeling good about buying two big bottles of washing up liquid, 8.5kg of non-bio washing powder, 140 nappies for newborns and 36 rolls of toilet paper. The freezer is full of ready meals just in case I don’t have time to cook when the little one is here.

I like the time at home which lets me write a blog post everyday.

Most of all I love the fact that I will soon get to meet a whole new person who has never existed in quite that form before.

There’s a Zen Koan that asks ‘before your parents were born, what is your true face’? Before I meet the baby all I can imagine is our faces. I look forward to going beyond that.


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5 Responses to Baby: Some of the Things I've Loved

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  2. You are well prepared. It’s not long now! So exciting.

  3. Hilary says:

    Nice post, glad you’re looking after yourself & baby, exciting times..

  4. This is such a positive, lovely post. I admire your organisation skills!

  5. Great site I was really inspired. Have a blessed day and keep up the good work!

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