Baby: Schools and Data

Baby may not have arrived yet but I have started to think, and worry, about schools and how I am going to be able to afford the best education possible. I live in Bristol City Centre and while my current accommodation will not be sustainable past the next year or so, I would still like to remain in the local area.

I came across a web site [] that takes school performance league tables and after a brief query provides results on the relevant results.

Sourced from school websites and Department for Education data.

I searched for coed independent and state day schools within 1 mile of my postcode with day fees under £1000 per term ordered by A levels. The A level results are presented in numeric format while the ranking can also be done by GCSE scores and distance to your location.

Luckily, all three schools that came up were state schools because while I asked for some tuition fee guided results, that really isn’t realistic.

I am impressed by how easy those results were to find and now must take a look at nurseries and playgroups [Ofsted inspection reports].

Clifton, somewhere

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  1. These are secondary schools? You’re a bit fast! Let the poor child live a bit and decide whether you want them to watch Teletubbies or whether that’s against your principles. :-)

    I think choose the school on the basis of how many Kayleighs, Kailees, and Ka-Lees there are (the fewer the better).

    Good luck, though. Trust your intuition on this one. We did, and so far, so good.

    • stillawake says:

      May be a little early I guess, I won’t mention that I have already decided on the University! :)

      TV is an interesting one – must give that some thought. Apparently the CBBC thing is a huge hit now – so many children’s shows.

      I like your attitude Judith.

  2. SchoolScout says:

    Really glad you found the site useful, Stillawake. We are in the process of adding primary schools to our database and we are making some new tools that we hope will be even more helpful to parents in their school choices.

  3. I looked into this a little before we bought our house but really I’m more bothered by a school’s facilities and extracurricular opportunities than where it places in league tables. It’s also important to me that it not be a church-affiliated school. We have a great local secular primary with allotments for teaching the kids to grow veg, sculptures and other artworks in the grounds, and lots of community events going on. Secondaries seem too far off to worry about just yet. What with these kids being hypothetical as yet!

    • stillawake says:

      That sounds like a great school, maybe I should be checking out Primary schools in the area. How wonderful to get the little people involved in allotments though!

  4. I like the sounds of Nose in a books’ school! And great stuff Mister! Also languages and encouragement into higher education …
    But yes have to go exploring and check them out yourself of course :)
    Also – one thought – Sandra Bullock says her adopted little one already has an iphone and ipad – how high tech is too tech – I realise that even two year olds can get around an ipad without any introductions – shoudl there be any limits on this?

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