Baby: Bump Invasion

36 weeks, four days

The bump is now bigger than me, it really is. It’s so far in front that I feel all I can do is follow and sometimes I can’t even do that because it’s getting so heavy. The baby has little room anymore so elbows, feet and other body parts seem to stick out of my side now and then with even more definition. I feel quite sorry for the poor thing, I know I wouldn’t want to be stuck somewhere where the walls keep closing in around me, even if they are a little flexible.

Not so fun for the baby and less and less fun, physically, for me these days. I am meant to have packed my bag for the hospital and should be reading up on birth plans and labour. Apart from the antenatal classes, however, I have done no more research on those than before. What a time for denial.

I kept telling myself that I would do all the useful and necessary stuff just as soon as I cleared out a proper space for the baby stuff and set up the cot. I managed to get the cot out of the box at least and now it’s pieces are resting against my wardrobe. The space has been cleared but the compilation did not take place. Apparently it takes two to put it together so I am waiting for my housemate to help out when he gets a chance.

I have to stop myself making plans any more. I can’t commit to anything that takes place from this week forward and that feels a bit strange. I have arranged to go for dinner on Tuesday and a coffee on Thursday morning and they are events that will probably happen rather than definitely. From Wednesday, the baby will no longer be premature if it decides to arrive.

So that brings up the next issue, what outfit do I choose for the little arrival?

I will also take a blankie with me but not sure I should take the beautiful quilt that my housemate’s mum knitted. She used baby cotton and crocheted it which took a while. So soft and wonderful and quite big so may leave it in the cot for when we get home.

Once the cot has been constructed, that is.

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  1. Jose says:

    Blimey. It’s all looking so real now. Good luck, Jo, fingers crossed for you over the next few weeks, and if you need a hand with anything, well, you know where I am :)


  2. How lovely, that your housemate’s Mum make that beautiful blanket. What a lot of work!

    You’ve got quite a few clothes but then, it’s not so long now! Do you live at pram-walking distance from the shops for anything you might need later?

    I would take something that isn’t too standard to the hospital, so there is no chance that your baby will be mixed up with another. E.g., yours is the only one in orange (purple, black, rib cord, etc.). Well, or something tasteful. :-)

    Will you send me your address so I can send you a card once the baby is there? jh303015 at gmail dot com. I will rely on your blog for updates about the birth!
    Hope all will go well! Most likely, it will! :-)

    • stillawake says:

      Judith that is such a clever suggestion. I am now setting out to find the most colourful outfit I have. The blanket is incredible and very soft. I’ll email you my address :)

  3. Wow, so close now! Good luck with it all. The blanket looks beautiful. x

  4. Nancy says:

    ooh, not long now! don’t worry about the cot. the baby won’t need it for quite a few months. do you have a moses basket or pram the baby can sleep in when it’s wee? there’s always your bed if you plan to co-sleep.

    enjoy picking out the first outfit. do you have to take more than one if you don’t know what size the baby will be or are the midwives able to predict fairly accurately?

    and yes, reading comments above, DM me your address so i can send you a card when the baby arrives :)

    nancy x

    • stillawake says:

      I have a Moses basket and I guess you’re right – baby has somewhere to sleep at least. Thank you! The midwives measure the bump but not sure about them predicting, I didn’t even think to ask but will do so at the next appointment – good thinking! Will do :) x

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